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Our  mission
The City University of Cairo has a strategic plan to identify the gap between the general situation of Egypt's higher education system and the actual vision of the project's founders, in order to achieve the university’s societal responsibility and its aspirations for attention to scientific research in line with national trends and priorities.
In order to achieve this mission, CUC sets several important basics:
• The policy of the University is to appoint a sufficient number of faculty members in various disciplines with objective criteria for evaluating their performance in order to improve the quality of the educational process, scientific research and community service.
• Paying attention to the educational programs and curricula which are aligned with each college's educational mission and strategic objectives. Moreover, describing and revising these programs periodically, as well as making sure they meet the correct academic criteria are highly concerned.
• As it's one of the basic activities of higher education institutions, scientific research is highly concerned. The  adequate resources are provided to enable the researcher to carry out his research activity and upgrade his quality, as well as encouraging cooperation between various disciplines of the same field through creating an integrated research plan which aligns with the overall vision of the educational institution in Egypt and its association with other countries of the world.
• Self-learning opportunities are provided to students. In addition, the latest self-learning methods, which are associated with the academic programs, are offered. Students are well-prepared especially in the new majors which are required to the job market. Then, students’ performance is objectively evaluated in order to correct their mistakes.
• Assessment of the University 's educational capacity is conducted to identify strengths and weaknesses to be addressed through the University's Quality Management Unit.
• The University strives to improve the quality of postgraduate programmes by describing and periodically reviewing these programmes. In addition,  ensuring that the targeted learning outcomes of any program and its curricula  are already achieving its objectives which are seeked, along with providing various learning sources for postgraduate students and then adopting objective systems for evaluating these students.
• Since they are the focus of the educational process, the university is interested in providing all the support and guidance to its students and graduates. Attention must be paid to providing them with equal learning opportunities and encouraging student activities. The university also seeks to ensure that its relationship with the student is not interrupted even after graduating through the graduate services office of the university.
• Creating a valuable leadership embraces the thinking of development, striving for excellence and being able to formulate the necessary policies and making decisions within an appropriate time frame that ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of the University's performance.
• Ethically committed to credibility and integrity among all colleges and their departments in terms of heir policy, decisions and dealings at home and abroad;
• Adherence to National Academic References Standards (NARS), other academic standards can also be adopted, but approved by National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education “NAQAA”.
University vision
The University seeks excellence through its commitments to the highest intellectual standards in education, learning and innovation.The University also promotes individual and institutional leadership roles that drive social development with a deep belief in professionalism, responsibility, creativity and working in a team spirit. In addition, distinct education and creative research output are offered to serve the Egyptians, Arab and African siblings. The University contributes to building the knowledge economy by creating a catalytic environment for learning, intellectual creativity and optimal employment through applying advanced technology and effective local/global partnership.