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University: UNESP Brazil

UNESP is a government university established in 1976, located in São Paulo, Brazil. UNESP focuses on various fields of experimental and theoretical sciences, such as engineering, health, communication, humanities, social sciences, arts, and more. It is one of the largest and most important Brazilian universities, with significant achievements in teaching and research. It has multiple campuses across Brazil, with approximately 22 branches distributed throughout the country.

World University Rankings:
According to the QS ranking, UNESP is ranked 491st globally. It is ranked 10th in Latin America. The Dentistry program is ranked 37th globally, and the Arts and Design program is ranked 101st globally.

Collaboration between the two universities:
A letter of intent for collaboration was signed by the president of the university. A final agreement was reached in the form of an academic cooperation agreement, covering areas such as student exchange, faculty and administrative staff exchange, joint research, and joint or dual academic degrees. The agreement was signed by the president of the university.