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The City University of Cairo, located in the new city of Heliopolis, is a national university focused on comprehensive development. It aims to prioritize human resources through university education and scientific research, with the goal of producing exceptional graduates. This objective is influenced by the advancement of science and technology witnessed by many countries worldwide. As a result, it has a significant impact on national investment and the overall development of Egyptian society, as well as its surrounding Arab and African regions, in various sectors such as industry, agriculture, mining, energy, healthcare, and more.

CUC is considered as an exceptional institution focused on scientific progress that benefits Egyptian, Arab, and African societies. This encompasses students, professors, and researchers, with a dedicated focus on advancement, well-being, and development. 

The main objective of City University of Cairo is to provide a valuable opportunity for students to obtain a top-tier university education. It caters to a wide range of students, particularly those who demonstrate exceptional academic abilities and are motivated to excel. These outstanding students are further supported through scholarships provided by the university.

The university aims to foster collaboration with the African community by offering scholarships and welcoming African students as equals alongside Egyptian students.

Through its faculties, departments, laboratories and research units, the university aims to provide the country, Arab and African region with the needs of specialists in professional, technical and applied fields, whether through higher and university education in the service of the community or for the achievement of human, economic and social development in Egypt and the Arab and African countries. Moreover, the university seeks to hold some conferences and symposiums serving broad sectors of industry and scientific and practical research for implementation.  

The City University of Cairo is interested in announcing its public policy and strategic plans through paying attention to diversity of different types of education, such as academic education, distance education, technical education, Internet development, interest in future software,  science related to digitization and robotics in many fields. The University is also interested in activating the role of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Authority, which will be established at the University in according to internationally recognized standards and according to a periodic survey of both faculty members, administrators and employees, as well as the surveys to students since  they are considered as recipients of the educational service.