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About the Faculty: Based on the strategic plan of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research 2020-2030, and in light of the sustainable plan of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the significant advancement in the education system, the idea of establishing the City University of Cairo (CUC) emerged to be added to the group of private universities that have been established or are still under construction. In the context of the diversity of these universities and in order to achieve excellence, CUC has focused on four main objectives while setting its goals, which are: 1) Building the character of Egyptian individuals in line with glorious past and aspirations for a new renaissance era that enables it to occupy the position which it deserves at the regional and global levels. 2) Developing an outstanding education and learning plan that competes with and meets the needs of the global systems, locally, regionally, and globally, in terms of graduates, through the development of educational outcomes and in accordance with the standards of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation (NAQAA). 3) Working on community development and environmental services by preparing trained cadres who are capable of competition and face arising problems as a result of the changes expected in the job market. 4) Developing and encouraging scientific research and innovation by establishing a number of research centers and linking the results of these researches to societal needs, which confirms the primary role of scientific research in updating and developing mechanisms for serving the community. CUC grants a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Administrative Sciences upon completion of studying a total of 121 accredited hours, distributed over eight academic semesters, with an average of 15 to 18 accredited hours per semester. Students are also allowed to enroll in the summer semester with a maximum of 9 accredited hours, divided into 3 summer sessions, with a total of 27 accredited hours, providing the exceptional students with an opportunity to complete graduation requirements in 3 academic years.

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