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Admission System:
The Faculty accepts students who have obtained the General Secondary Certificate (scientific and literary branches) or equivalent certificates, as well as graduates of Al-Azhar Secondary Schools, American and English secondary certificates, International Baccalaureate, STEM schools, and all equivalent certificates approved annually by the University Council. The Faculty also accepts students transferred from military or police colleges, provided they are not dismissed for disciplinary reasons. The college accepts international students according to the rules and regulations followed by the University, as approved by the Supreme Council of Universities. Incoming students are exempted from studying mandatory courses determined by the university that do not carry credit hours.
Students are assigned to departments through internal coordination based on the announced conditions approved by the Faculty council, which also specifies the required numbers for each program. When a student is admitted, a file is opened for them, and all the credits they have earned, as well as their grades, are recorded in this file. The earned credits are added for each course successfully completed and for each level completed.
Student Transfer:
In the case of a student transferring from another Faculty in a governmental, private, or private university, the student is allowed to count the number of courses they have previously studied in that college, with the approval of the Faculty council, provided that they are among the required courses for obtaining the degree and the student has achieved a minimum grade of "Good". However, the total of these courses should not exceed 30% of the total credit hours required for the degree. In all cases, a transferred student who has been dismissed for disciplinary or academic reasons from the transferring university shall not be accepted.
Students are allowed to transfer from one program to another within the same Faculty or a different Faculty after completing the necessary academic procedures.
In the case of a student who has completed the first stage of one program (first and second semesters of the first level) and wishes to transfer to another program, they must register for the elective courses associated with the program they wish to transfer to in the summer semester before starting the third semester (second level).