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Continuing with our participation in the universities fair || Childhood Holidays Competition ceremony for the year 2023/2024 at the university theater || City University of Cairo, in collaboration with Badr Educational Administration, hosted the closing ceremony of the Childhood Holidays competition for the year 2023/2024 at the university theater. ||

about the faculty

Egypt preceded ancient civilizations in knowledge and its platforms. Scientists and philosophers from ancient world countries used to come to its university to benefit from the prosperity it achieved in all sciences, such as medicine, architecture, astronomy, philosophy, and other sciences that influenced Egyptian civilization. If humans are the instrument and means of development, it is necessary to prepare them in a fruitful and effective manner. This primarily requires educational institutions, especially universities, to achieve the highest levels of quality and agreement in preparing individuals to ensure their high distinction and the honing of their abilities and skills in a way that enables them to compete in the job market. Based on the strategic plan of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research 2030-2020, and in light of the sustainable plan of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the great leap in improving the education system, the idea of establishing CUC emerged to be added to the group of private universities that have been established or are still in the construction phase.

Specialties and divisions

Biomedical Engineering Department

Medical background studies Medical Devices and Sensors Devices and Diagnosis Computer Engineering and Modeling Medical Imaging and Analysis Biomechanics Biomaterials and Regenerative Engineering

Civil Engineering Department

Project Management Construction Engineering Includes civil and structural engineering fields.

Basic Sciences Department

Mathematics Physics Mechanics Chemistry

Electrical Engineering Department

Computer Engineering Program Electronics and Communications Engineering Program Includes electrical engineering fundamentals, electrical machines, power systems, high voltage engineering, power electronics, protection and insulation, electrical measurements and testing, control systems.

Architecture and Urban Planning Department

Architectural Design Architectural Theories History of Architecture Computer Applications in Architecture Executive Designs Construction Technology Legislation and Project Management Maintenance and Restoration of Architectural Heritage Urban Design Urban Planning Site Coordination Environmental Studies Social and Urban Geography Urban Economics Housing Urban Renewal and Rehabilitation of Heritage Areas Environmental Information Systems

Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical Engineering Department: Renewable Energy Program Mechatronics Engineering Program Tidal and Wave Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Bioenergy Automation and Control, Design and Manufacturing of Mechatronic Systems, Robotics and Mechatronics Applications, Embedded Design.

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Continuing with our participation in the universities fair

Continuing with our participation in the universities fair. City University of Cairo was a part of the IGE New Cairo Uni

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