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Strategies and Objectives:
The objective of the educational programs is to graduate scientifically and professionally competent individuals who are equipped with the latest technological knowledge to work in the fields of economics and management sciences in various specializations.The programs aim to contribute to enhancing the scientific and professional competence of individuals working in administrative, productive, and service sectors, and to provide them with assistance in solving the problems they may encounter.
Another goal is to create a new generation with the necessary scientific and technological qualifications to deal with the developments and changes that occur in all areas of economics and management sciences and to keep pace with scientific advancements
The Faculty aims to establish communication channels between the Faculty of  Economics and Management Sciences/University and corresponding educational institutions in advanced countries, by signing educational agreements and conducting advanced technological research in all fields related to the college's specialization.

Furthermore, the programs aim to develop a sense of loyalty to human effort, respect for time and work, and to make these values a motivating lifestyle for progress and advancement in society.
The Faculty also aims to establish basic and applied research centers related to economics and management sciences for the implementation of research projects, provision of professional consultations, and conducting workshops and seminars for the exchange of ideas and experiences in all fields of work.
The programs emphasize the importance of interdisciplinary specialization by promoting collaborative work in multidisciplinary teams for research plans that bring together the scientific departments of the Faculty, as well as other colleges within the university, regional universities, and international universities.
The Faculty aims to connect scientific research with the service of local, regional, and global community issues and problems by allowing faculty members to benefit from the potential of infrastructure and scientific research.
The Faculty values community engagement and participation to maintain the quality and competence of Alumni. The Faculty focuses on regular review and continuous development of teaching strategies, methods, and curricula.
Efforts are made to attract new students by offering distinguished academic programs that meet the needs of the local, regional, and global job markets.
The Faculty is committed to adhering to both local and international academic standards in its course offerings.Opportunities for training and continuing education are provided for all faculty members, their assistants, and staff at the Faculty to enhance leadership and excellence within the Faculty.The Faculty aims to develop its own resources by establishing new distinguished programs according to the needs of the job market and utilizing them optimally.
Regular assessment of the educational process and its outcomes is conducted to achieve the targeted educational objectives and meet the needs of the job market, while ensuring continuous improvement and advancement.
The ultimate goal is for the Faculty to be ranked among the top 10 educational institutions in economics and management sciences at the international level within 10 years.
Introduction of new and multidisciplinary academic programs.