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Ashraf Shaalan

Head of the National Research Center

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Ashraf Shaalan

His Excellency graduated from the Faculty of Medicine – Ain Shams University – December 1983. He obtained a Master’s degree in Pediatrics from the same college in May 1989, then a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Medical Childhood Studies – Institute of Graduate Studies for Childhood – Ain Shams University – October 1993. He held many professional positions at the National Research Center, until he was appointed as its president in November 2009. He held the position of Vice President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology for one year. His Excellency has more than thirty-five research papers published in international and local scientific journals, all of which revolve within the framework of the growth, development and nutrition of Egyptian children as a scientific school he has adhered to since the beginning of his research activity in the mid-eighties and he became one of the most prominent Egyptian researchers in this field. He supervised (and still is) many master’s and doctoral theses and participated in scientific committees to discuss and evaluate many other theses in different Egyptian universities and arbitrated many research projects submitted to local and international donors. He concluded many scientific agreements and supervised their executive programs with universities and research institutes from different countries of the world. He also participated in international conferences and workshops in various countries of the world, chairing sessions, giving reference research, or as a representative of Egypt in many international organizations and meetings. On a personal level, he has many memberships and participations in many countries of the world, such as the Salzburg Seminar Fellowship in the State of Austria (2002) and the membership of the “African Program for the Preparation of Leaders in Nutrition” (ANLP) in the State of South Africa (2002), where he was elected to the Board of Directors and Secretariat of the Fund of the Association of the Program. As well as the membership of the World Food Program Committee for the fortification of foods with microelements – 2005 – 2015 and others. He supervised the organization and sponsorship of hundreds of conferences, seminars and workshops as head of the National Research Center. In his personal capacity, he participated in the organization of many scientific conferences and local and international workshops at the National Research Center and other scientific institutions. His experiences in this field culminated in the organization of the first Egyptian-Italian Conference for Pediatrics in Rome 2012 and presiding over it for the Egyptian side, as well as winning the organization and presidency of the “Third African Conference on Nutrition Epidemiology” For 2008 in Egypt and many others.His Excellency received dozens of manifestations of appreciation such as certificates, medals and shields from various international, national and local bodies.