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Prof. Mohamad Ibrahim Ali Sayed Ahmed

President of City University of Cairo

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Prof. Mohamad Ibrahim Ali Sayed Ahmed

He obtained a BA in Egyptology from Cairo University in 1975 with a very good grade. He worked for the Egyptian Antiquities Authority in several areas until he was appointed as the director of the Saqqara Antiquities site, sent in a mission to France in 1986, where he obtained a Diplôme d’Etude Approfondie (DEA), i.e. Master's in advanced studies in Geography, History, Art history, and Tourism from the University of Lyon 2 in 1987. Then, he obtained a doctorate degree in Egyptology with an excellent grade with honours from the University of Lyon 2 in France in 1991, appointed as a lecturer in Alexandria University and then moved to Ain Shams University, where he held the position of the Head of the Tourism Guidance Department in the Faculty of Arts. He served as Minister of Antiquities several times in four different governments during the period from 2011 to 2014. He lectured at universities in London and Germany. Currently, he holds the position of the supervisor of the Department of Museum and Archaeological Site Management, the Faculty of Archaeology, Ain Shams University, and Chairman of the Planning Committee for the Antiquities Sector at the Supreme Council of Universities.