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The university offers scholarships to students in all faculties according to a specific segment according to the total of high school or equivalent certificates in the first academic year for new students, and the scholarship is valid for an academic year (the fall and spring semesters) of each year to be paid in two installments at the beginning of each semester

Taking into account the following

  • The scholarship is valid for one academic year (the fall and spring semesters) and is modified at the beginning of the following year according to the new cumulative average for each student.
  • Students transferred from corresponding colleges are treated according to their cumulative average or the general grade in the college from which they are transferred.
  • Students who hold a bachelor's degree are treated according to the general assessment of the bachelor's degree.
  • Tuition fees in the summer semester are estimated at the value of the credit hours registered.
  • Students who wish to register for more hours than they are scheduled for each semester, they must obtain the approval of the dean of the college and then the academic advisor, who authorizes payment of the value of the extra hours before registering these hours.


  • Tuition fees are paid in two installments, each of which is due before the start of the academic year in each semester

(15-1) Free Grants

  • The top students in the Republic are granted a complete exemption from tuition fees, and 10% of the available places in the university are allotted to them.

(15-2) Discounted Grants

  • High school students:

Students who obtain a percentage of 95% to 100% of the total in high school are granted an exemption rate of 20% of the total value of tuition fees.

  • Outstanding University Students:


  1. The holder of the first rank for excellence is granted according to the cumulative average in each percentage of the tuition fee reduction of 10%.
  2. The second-ranked student according to the cumulative average in each college is granted a 5% reduction in tuition fees.
  3. The third-ranked student for excellence according to the cumulative average in each college is granted a 4% reduction in tuition fees.
  4. Recipients of the fourth and fifth ranks of excellence, according to the cumulative average in each college, are granted a 3% reduction in tuition fees

Scholarships for African Students

The African student at Al-Madinah University in Cairo is treated exactly like the Egyptian student