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On 14th September 2023, Ministerial Decision No. 2387 was released, granting permission to begin studies for the undergraduate level in the faculties of Art and Design, as well as Economics and Administrative Sciences, starting from the first semester of the academic year 2023/2024.
    1. Studying in Arabic and English in the faculties of the university, as determined by the internal regulations of the faculties.

    2. The study begins on the first of September of each year and ends at the end of August of the following year. The date for the start and end of the study and the half-year vacation is determined by a decision from the University Council and the Board of Trustees may decide to start or end the study before or after the specified date based on what the University Council proposes.

    3. The university accepts students who have a high school diploma or its equivalent, as well as those who have obtained technical diplomas, according to what is specified by the college regulations. They study at least 50% of the subjects required to obtain the degree.

    4. The student is enrolled in the college based on a request submitted to the university after completing his papers and paying the prescribed fees. A file is prepared in the college for each student containing all his papers related to him.

Study and enrollment systems.

  1. The study is based on the credit hour system, semester or full year system and in accordance with the provisions of the internal regulations of the colleges.
  2. A student may not fail in the band for more than two years, and the college council may authorize students who spent two years in their teams to apply for exams from abroad in the following year in the courses they failed in, with the exception of students of the preparatory band and the first band in colleges that do not have a preparatory band.
  3. In addition to the above, the College Council may grant a license to students of the semi-finals and the final divisions with two additional opportunities to apply for examinations from abroad.
  4. As for the colleges in which the study period is at least five years, students of the second year in colleges that have a preparatory band, as well as students of the third year in colleges that do not have a preparatory band, are treated as students of the pre-final class.
  • If a student of the final group fails in no more than half of the courses of this group or in one course in the colleges in which one course is taught in the final year (regardless of the courses left behind by previous teams), he will be permitted to take the exams in what he failed in until he is successful.
  • If the student fails to enter the examinations with a compelling excuse accepted by the College Council, his absence shall not be counted as a failure, provided that the failure does not exceed two consecutive or separate chances during the year of study in the College.
  • It is permissible, in case of necessity, by a decision of the University Council, to grant a third chance to the student
  • A student who is absent from exams without an acceptable excuse is considered to have failed with a very poor grade.
  1. The transfer from one group to another is only at the end of the academic year. The student is not re-examined in the course in which he succeeded. In faculties that take the system of prescribed hours and cumulative total, it is permissible for the student to repeat exams in some of the courses he succeeded in to raise his cumulative average to the acceptable limit for success.
  2. As for the final teams exams, the University Council forms joint tripartite committees of university professors or others for the exams of each subject for each faculty. and the Board of Trustees.
  3. The general grade for the student’s success for each group is calculated according to the grades he obtains, taking into account that his grade does not exceed an acceptable one in the course in which he has previously failed or was absent without an acceptable excuse.
  • The student’s success in the exams for each band is estimated by one of the following grades: (excellent - very good - good - acceptable), and the student’s failure is estimated by one of the following ratings: (weak - very weak). In one of the courses there is a written exam and another oral or scientific, and the absent in the written exam is considered absent in the exam of the course and no grades are assigned to him in this regard.
  • The student’s success in a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree is estimated by one of the following grades: (excellent - very good - good - acceptable)
  • The general grade of students in a bachelor's or bachelor's degree is calculated on the basis of the total number of grades they obtained in all academic years, and they are arranged according to this total.
  • The student is awarded honors if his final grade is excellent or very good, provided that his general grade in any of the study groups except the preparatory band is not less than very good, and it is stipulated that the student should not have failed in any exam submitted to him and in any group except the band Junior high.
  1. The student must follow the lessons and attend practical exercises or research rooms as determined by the internal regulations of the colleges.