Welcome to City University Of Cairo
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The mission of City University in Cairo aims to make a meaningful impact on society by striving for education, knowledge acquisition, and research at an exceptionally high global standard.

The timeline for implementing and running the university depends on creating a phased plan over a span of six years, beginning from the academic year 2018. This plan aims to distribute the construction and furnishing stages required for the university's faculties, service and research buildings, teaching hospital, and other necessary educational units and centers. A detailed schedule is provided in the table below, specifying the duration of each necessary task for the completion of the construction and operation project.

Ensuring that as many students as possible have access to the university.

The university has the potential to greatly benefit society by actively seeking, sharing, and applying knowledge.

The position of the university within the larger academic and local community

Chances to form creative collaborations with businesses, philanthropic organizations, and the healthcare sector.

 Concern with sustainable practices and environment

Our vision is to strengthen our status as a renowned educational and research organization that is known for its forward-thinking ideas, exceptional achievements, and groundbreaking discoveries. We aim to create an environment that attracts best students and talented staff from across the globe