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Strategy and objectives:

Since the first day of its establishment, the Faculty has been striving to achieve its strategic objectives, which include:

-Graduating scientifically and professionally distinguished cadres in various engineering disciplines, in accordance with the latest modern technologies, to work in the field of engineering.
-Contributing to raising the scientific and professional competence of workers in all engineering fields.
-Developing a new generation of scientifically and technologically qualified engineering specialists capable of dealing with the developments and changes that occur in specialized fields and keeping pace with global advancements.
-Establishing communication channels to connect the Faculty of Engineering with the University and what is happening in educational institutions in advanced countries, and signing educational agreements and advanced technological research in all specialized fields.
-Introducing new and multidisciplinary academic programs.
-Establishing basic and applied research centers relevant to the community and engineering, to implement research projects, provide professional consultations, conduct workshops and seminars for exchanging ideas and experiences in all areas of engineering.
-Enhancing interdisciplinary specialization through joint work in a multi-disciplinary team for research plans that bring together the scientific departments of the Faculty and other Faculty within the University, regional and international universities.
-Linking scientific research at the Faculty to serve the issues and problems of the local, regional, and global community.
-Ensuring the continuous improvement of graduate levels and their competence through periodic review and continuous development of teaching strategies, methods, and curricula.
-Working to attract new students by offering distinguished academic programs that are suitable for the local, regional, and global job market.
-Adherence to local and international academic standards in administrative courses.
Supporting training and continuing education opportunities for all faculty members, their assistants, and staff at the Faculty to enhance leadership and excellence at the Faculty.
-Developing the Faculty's self-resources by creating new distinguished programs according to the needs of the job market and utilizing them optimally.
-Periodic evaluation of the outcomes of the educational process to achieve the targeted educational objectives and meet the needs of the job market, while ensuring their development and improvement.
-Improving the educational and technological environment by optimizing the use of modern technology and activating it in all facilities and laboratories at the Faculty.