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A brief about the faculty:
Based on the state's interest and emphasis on the comprehensive development file of the new republic, and the numerous presidential initiatives launched by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in the field of infrastructure, the faculty of Engineering at the City University of Cairo was established to provide highly qualified specialists in all fields of engineering.
In this context, and in response to the local, regional, and international labor market needs, and in accordance with the guiding lists of proposed specialization areas from the Ministry of Higher Education, Presidential Decree No. 53 of 2020 was issued to establish the City University, and it included the names of the faculty affiliated with the university, including the faculty of Engineering.



The faculty of Engineering at CUC aspires to be a distinguished center at the local and regional levels in engineering education, scientific research, and innovation in engineering sciences in order to achieve sustainable development for society.





The faculty of Engineering - City University of Cairo aims to graduate talented engineers capable of working in various positions related to their specialization to meet the needs of the local, regional, and international job markets. This is achieved through teaching and learning processes with high-quality educational outcomes, scientific research, acquiring technological skills for the 21st century, and supporting research projects and international cooperation that contribute to the scientific excellence of the university.


The facultyincludes seven programs, which are:

Architecture and Urban Planning Engineering Program
Electronics and Communications Engineering Program
Computer and Systems Engineering Program
Civil and Construction Engineering Program
Mechatronics Engineering Program
Sustainable Energy Engineering Program
Biomedical Engineering Program

Approval has been obtained from the Ministry of Higher Education to start studying the Electronics and Communications Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering programs, and approvals for other programs are being obtained gradually.

The study system at the faculty is the credit hours system, and in order to obtain a Bachelor's degree in the Electronics and Communications Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering programs, the student must complete 144 credit hours divided into 8 core semesters, and thus the student can graduate after only four academic years. English is the official language of instruction at the faculty.