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Strategy and Objectives

Graduating academically and professionally distinguished cadres in accordance with the latest technologies to work in the fields of arts and design in various specializations.
Forming a new generation of scientifically and technologically qualified artists and designers capable of dealing with the developments and changes occurring in the field of specialization and keeping pace with global advancements.
Establishing communication channels between the Faculty of Art and Design at CUC and corresponding educational institutions in advanced countries, and entering into educational agreements and advanced technological research in all fields of work.
Developing a sense of citizenship, loyalty, and respect for human effort, as well as emphasizing the value of time and work, so that it becomes a lifestyle that motivates progress and advancement in society.
Introducing new and multi-disciplinary academic programs in the field of arts and design.
Contributing to the establishment of basic and applied research centers related to arts, design, and the environment, to carry out research projects, provide professional consultations, hold workshops and seminars for the exchange of ideas and experiences in all fields of work.
Enhancing the establishment of interdisciplinary specializations through collaborative work in a multidisciplinary team for research plans that bring together the scientific departments of the Faculty, the university colleges, regional, and international universities.
Linking scientific research at the college to serve the issues and problems of the local, regional, and global community.
Emphasizing the importance of community participation.
Ensuring the maintenance of the graduate's level and competence through regular review and continuous development of teaching and learning strategies, methods, and curricula.
Attracting new students by offering distinguished academic programs that are suitable for the local, regional, and global job market.
Adhering to local and international academic standards in the curriculum.
Enhancing training and lifelong learning opportunities for all faculty members, their assistants, and faculty staff to elevate leadership and excellence within the Faculty.
Developing the faculty's self-resources by creating new distinguished programs according to the needs of the job market and utilizing them optimally.