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Center's Functions:
A-Developing training and continuing education services by utilizing the expertise and distinguished staff of the university, while linking programs to the training needs of institutions and the job market.
B-Enhancing the efficiency of the center's employees through specialized training programs.
C-Activating the marketing system for the center's services.
D-Expanding the services provided to cover a larger number of colleges at the university.
E-Expanding the provision of all products needed by students, staff, faculty members, as well as residents of New Heliopolis City and the neighboring cities (Badr City and Shorouk City).

A) Organizing training courses to meet the professional and training needs of the community sectors, both within and outside the university, for individuals and institutions, in order to enable them to keep up with development and enhance the efficiency of workers in various fields.
B) Organizing free studies in various fields of knowledge.
C) Providing opportunities for citizens to benefit from the university's educational capabilities, advanced laboratories, advanced workshops, and various facilities in medical, industrial, social, cultural, and artistic fields through workshops and seminars regularly provided by the center.
D)Providing all student services within the university, such as photography service and cafeteria for students.
E) Increasing student loyalty and affiliation to Cairo University by selling products used by students in the university bearing the logo of Cairo City University.