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Admission System:
The Faculty accepts students who have completed their general secondary education in either the scientific or literary branches, or their equivalent from other certificates. It also accepts graduates of Al-Azhar secondary schools, American and English secondary certificates, International Baccalaureate, STEM schools, and all equivalent certificates. Additionally, the Faculty accepts students who have completed a five-year technical diploma or have obtained a diploma from Institutes of Technical Preparation in the same specialization. The Faculty also accepts students transferring from military or police colleges, provided that they have not been dismissed for disciplinary reasons. The Faculty accepts international students according to the rules and regulations established by Al-Madina University, as approved by the Supreme Council of Universities. International students are exempted from studying the mandatory courses determined by the university that do not carry credit hours.

Admission to the Faculty is based on an aptitude test to assess the student's artistic abilities for acceptance into different programs. The timing and procedures of the exam are determined by the Supreme Council of Universities.

Student admission to study programs is based on fulfilling the announced requirements for each department, as specified in the academic regulations approved by the Faculty Council, which also determines the specified number of students for each program.

Student Transfer:

In the case of a student transferring from another Faculty, whether governmental, private, or non-governmental university, the student is allowed to count the number of courses previously studied in that college, with the approval of the Faculty of Art and Design at CUC, provided that they are among the required courses for the degree. The student must have achieved a minimum grade of "Good" (G) in these courses, provided that the total credit hours of these courses do not exceed 30% of the total credit hours required for the degree. In all cases, a transferred student who has been dismissed for disciplinary or academic reasons from the transferring university cannot be accepted.

Students are allowed to transfer from one program to another within the same Faculty or to a different college after completing the necessary academic requirements for the exchange.

If a student who has completed the first stage of a program (the first and second semesters of the first level) wishes to transfer to another program, they must register for the elective courses associated with the program they wish to transfer to in the summer semester before starting the third semester (the second level).