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mass communication

The duration of study in this college is four years, and the College of Media is divided into two divisions of Arabic and English, and there are 3 departments. The specialization begins in the second year for students in the Arabic Language Division and the third year in the English Language Division
The college grants bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees in media in cooperation with international universities and research institutes, so that the awarded certificates are equivalent to those international universities and institutions

Media is defined as a term used to describe the academic study of multiple media that individuals and organizations use to communicate information to large segments of people at the same moment using what is known as media (radio, television, newspapers, magazines, films, and now the Internet), and currently in the United States, the level of this department has risen to become an existing college. In itself, in addition to studying journalism and media, it includes departments of public relations and advertising. Studies in the field of media include the study of media institutions and their methods of work, such as information analysis and media effects of persuasion or manipulation of public opinion

The study in this college is divided into three main departments:


Press Department

Journalism is defined as that science that is concerned with assembling, analyzing, investigating and presenting news about current facts and trends, as well as events and people. Those working in this field are called journalists. With the beginning of the twentieth century, most of them had degrees in this specialty, and since 1990 until now, the Internet has added a new form of journalism. e


Radio and Television Department

Radio is the distribution of video and audio transmissions in the form of programs to large groups of recipients, whether they are listeners or viewers, and most of these groups are from the general public or a small segment of them. Therefore, the Internet may send articles or music around the world as a whole, while the traditional radio in a particular place may seem Specific spread by comparison. The audio-visual broadcasting represents a large part of the media, which is concerned with the delivery of various information and programs to a broad base of society


Department of Public Relations and Advertising

Public relations is the art and science of managing various communications between institutions and their clients to build communication between individuals and some of them or societies and some of them and to maintain their good image and message in front of them. Various examples include:

  1. Companies use public relations marketing to communicate information about the products they manufacture or the services they provide to prospective customers in an effort to support their selling efforts.
  2. Companies that use public relations as a tool to reach legislators and politicians to obtain tax advantages, for example, by portraying themselves in a service and development framework for society, such as providing job opportunities for the unemployed, for example.
  3. Non-profit organizations such as schools, universities, hospitals, and NGOs use public relations to support awareness programs, charitable donations, or job assignments to increase their leadership in their fields of work and services.
  4. Politicians use public relations and advertising to obtain electoral votes and in-kind donations to help them with their electoral programs